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    Mataverse Tales

    June 12, 2016 by STrangE AdVenT

    Record 01

    Me: First off Artack is the new Chronicler! This recording will show us why! Roll the tape Artack! Coming along with us is the former Chronicler Kopeke. 

    Kopeke: ......... 

    Me: He's happy to be here! We totally didn't force him to come. Nope, not at all. No kidnapping was involved. Also I will be narrating. 

    {Artack's eyes work as a projector and.. we go back to the land before time.} 

    Me: That's a dinosaur movie though

    We center on the very first Chronicler... Kodan! He was part of the Toa Mangai. However Kodan went.. X_X so for some reason there was no Chronicler for a long time until Takua. Yes...yes.. Takua... the famous Toa who became Takanuva Toa of Light. Now contrary to canon... there are actually more than one Takuas! 

    Kopeke: …

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    {A lone figure stands in a grassland looking up. He is BF1. A huge swirly portal thing opens up and 3 MOCs fall out. Screaming is heard. They are Baka, Karkon, and Artack. Screaming is heard. Karkon lands gracefully on his feet. Baka lands on his head. Artack lands in his mask.}

    Karkon: Who are you?

    Me: WHO AM I? Your master! Your creator! Your alpha! Your Omega!

    Karkon: BF1.....

    Me: Yes, it's me!

    Baka: Woah... Creator. You're bio mechanical!

    Me: Indeed I am! I even have fingers! *Waves his MOC fingers.*

    Karkon: *Looks around* Why are we still here?

    Baka: I thought we were going to do bigger and better things?

    Artack: This unit detects we are on the LEGO Message Boards. Quality sensor...failing.....

    Me: We were, but I can't do stop motion ri…

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    Its not finished :P

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    By BCC Quotes I mean by us. Not from comedies

    "Ask the BCC a question. Get a BCC Answer" - Bionicle_Fanatic

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    About BIO 2015 RP

    December 13, 2014 by STrangE AdVenT

    Hey everyone I doubt BIONICLE 2015 on the MBs will be any good, how about all of us here start one away from the MBs. Preferably on a forum. What do you guys think?

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