Favorite MCU moments

1. Guardians of the Galaxy - You said it yourself... coughprofanitycough, we're the Guardians of the Galaxy

2. Iron Man - The Iron Man Demo Video Diaries

3. The Winter Soldier - Nick Fury and his sweet James Bond ride/Batmobile

4. Age of Ultron - That scene with Gollum

5. Iron Man 3 - Tony vs. Killian

6. Thor - ANOOOTHAH!

7. Ant Man - Michael Douglas Being Classy

8. Iron Man 2 - Dis ig knot mahy burd. I wagnt Mahy Burd. I WAGNT MAHY BURGD!

9. Iron Man 2 - Hammer sellin guns and licking candy like a bazz.

10. Captain America - Red Skull Ripping off his Agent Smith Cosplay

11. Avengers - Laughing at Thor's stupidity-NOOOO COULSON!!!-Nope, still funny.

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