Mods, this question falls under the second bullet of your starting topic. Could I have a word with you about my good friend Keplers, who've you suspended from the boards a short while? This isn't a hateful post, (I've grown out of that I assure you), and I'm just discussing his post to you. I've read his post through a few times just to understand the basics, not analyze for subliminal messages, and am rather... offended? I guess, putting it mildly. Before we get into this any further, I'd like to know if one of you said this quote that Keplers implied one of thr Mods wrote, and I quote;

"…there is no god that can claim the official title god."

I don't know who wrote this, and I don't think it'd be right of me to ask, but without a doubt this is one of the strangest statements ever. Not stupidest, (it does hold some ironic textures), but strangest. Every single "god" ever created has claimed the title of god. By saying this, you implied there is are "multiple" gods. And further implied none of them can speak. Then if you mean there are no gods existing to say "I am God," then you prove that there is a god. His name is Jehovah, I AM, and Jesus. God, as we call him, has never said he was called a god, or God in general, (Please capitalize his name next time, it's proper grammar), thus I can only assume you either thought Keplers was talking about a false idle, and correct him by saying in part, (without proper capitalization), that, "No god can claim the title OF God, (Jesus, Jehovah, etc.), or you think that all gods exist, and were trying to say in part, "All gods exist, so they can't all claim the title of God."

If I'm correct on these asumptions, let me know, so that we can move on, and you can tell Keplers it was a misunderstanding, and invite him back. If you "literally" were saying, "Your God doesn't exist, neither do any others, but so we don't offend everyone else who believes in something else other than your God, we'll say that no god can claim the title of God," then I invite you to a private argument where I'll prove God is real.


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