1. Catwoman

2. Steel

3. Elektra

4. Blade 3

5. Daredevil (dat Affleck one)

6. Green Lantern

7. The Green Hornet

8. Man of Steel

9. Batman and Robin

10. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

11. Batman Forever

12. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

13. Ghost Rider2: Spirit of Vengeance

14. The Hulk

155. The Incredible Hulk

16. Batman Returns

17. Thor 2

Note: Super Mario Bros is not here due to it not technically being a superhero film, and both the Zorro and pre 1980 Captain America movies were made for TV or weren't meant as "technical" superhero media much less as propaganda or limited release at the time. Some films on this list I "enjoy," but still find too much fault to resist leaving them off, or saying that I "like" them. :P *Be Honest, we all have a special place in our hearts for Batman and Robin. :P

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