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  • I live in Persephone, Rapture - Or Anywhere Near a Lighthouse
  • I was born on September 2
  • My occupation is A Film Director
  • I am A Movie Addict
  • Starwars7495

    SW Christmas Tree

    December 25, 2014 by Starwars7495
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  • Starwars7495

    Vezon Vs. Obi Wan

    October 5, 2014 by Starwars7495

    ​Vezon Vs. Obi Wan

    • Obi Wan and Vezon are sitting down*

    Vezon: "If you are in the position to K-Word your foes, choose a sword or gun, something simple and not complicated. Objects of limitless power always take too much time to warm up."

    Obi Wan: "Swords and guns are too random and clumsy." 


    • pops out knife*

    Obi Wan: "Let me unlimber my lightsaber without cutting myself in ha-UNNNNGGGG!"

    Vezon: *kills Obi Wan* "See the point?"

    Obi Wan: *reger-no that's not right-reappears as a force ghost*  "You may have struck me down, but now I'm more powerful than you could possibly imagine."

    Vezon: "What are you going to do, annoy me to death? I've already proved my point. Swords and Knives are sometimes a LOT more…

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  • Starwars7495

    Yes, I know this isn't Bionicle or Comedy related, but how else am I going to get opinions? :P

    Be warned, this is my first REAL attempt at a book, (one that I hope to publish :P ), so there WILL be mistakes. :P If you guys see anything, please feel free to point it out, it'd be much appriciated. :P

    Enjoy. :P


    Chapter 1 - The Detective

    "Lord... The stink... It's bad enough with the thick smell of tar and saltwater, and now the sharp stench of an unlucky sailor's rotting corpse stuffed into an oil barrel down on E dock... Makes me sick to the stomach. Makes me wanna gag... Poor guy. Didn't even get tucked in right, arm sticking out wrongways and all... Sloppy, is what it is. Murderers got no class these days, no decenty. Guy'll get caug…

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  • Starwars7495

    Mods, this question falls under the second bullet of your starting topic. Could I have a word with you about my good friend Keplers, who've you suspended from the boards a short while? This isn't a hateful post, (I've grown out of that I assure you), and I'm just discussing his post to you. I've read his post through a few times just to understand the basics, not analyze for subliminal messages, and am rather... offended? I guess, putting it mildly. Before we get into this any further, I'd like to know if one of you said this quote that Keplers implied one of thr Mods wrote, and I quote;

    "…there is no god that can claim the official title god."

    I don't know who wrote this, and I don't think it'd be right of me to ask, but without a doubt th…

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