The Nameless Text

aka Nameless

  • I live in In your house.
  • I was born on March 8
  • My occupation is Making your lives miserable.
  • I am Invisible.
  • The Nameless Text

    Hello everyone, it is I, your superior and overlord and friend, Nameless.

    Recently... Recently, ah, yes, recently, so much has been going on... Nope, I'm lying. Nothing has gone on.


    That's right! Recently the tyrant KEPLERS has turned this boring old abandoned wiki into an ark to transport people from the old BIO RP to... The new forum for it.

    This is an utter disgrace.

    Our proud wiki, set up by our founding fathers, should not be violated like this-Don't give me that cr-ooh, a quarter.

    ... As I was saying, don't give me that crack about "Oh, but Keplers was the founder of the wiki"! He's retired, so it doesn't matter! That and we have... Well, NEVERMIND THAT... But, this is not the point! Don't listen to me a…

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  • The Nameless Text


    August 7, 2015 by The Nameless Text

    That's right, since you guys obviously have no idea what humor is, I will make humor! Also, you guys don't keep a clean wiki. I just stepped on some sort of what, is that a rotten bannana peel?... AAAAANYWAYS. To keep things active and atractive, boom, comedy.

    There was a boy who was a child who sat upon a tree. That tree's name was Chucamanga. The boy's name was Manchild. Because he wasn't a child of woman, for he was too man to take such a title. Which is funny, because he's a boy. LAUGH.

    Chucamanga was about 123456789 years old. Yes, I just used all the numbers in order. What, you want him older? Fine, he's 987654321. Yes, again, I used the keyboard... OK, what's his age matter, anyways? He's just an old tree. What sort of tree lives so l…

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