Notes: This story is a possible continuation of the official storyine, but it will take a twist.

Prolouge: "Don't you see Gelu, we need to stop this great being! He may destroy this world!" said Orde quietly yet urgently. "Gelu, he's right." Said Charia. "Alright, we are going to head back south, we cant do this by ourselves. I hear you guys know about something called a Kakama, i'm not sure if Glatorian can use them but, with a Kakama i hear we could finish our quest very fast." Said Gelu. "Alright. let's go." Said Zaria.

to be continued. Will Kabura find them? Will they find the identity of the great being? Will i learn to not make these little teasers? Come back soon.

Chapter 1: The new hunters

"Lariska, have you gotten some members back?" Asked a figure on a throne.

"Yes. "Dweller", "Conjurer", "Lurker", "Kraata kal", "Minion" and "Primal"." Said Lariska. "Interesting work Lariska, you shall be rewarded for your efforts. Especially due to getting "Primal" back with us." Said the shadowed figure in a ominous tone. "Thank you TSO." Said Lariska bowing. Suddenly a loud noise came from the corridor outside. "Shadowed one! We need to speak!" Said "Primal walking in. TSO shook his head, then relaxed. "Very well "primal"." Said TSO in a bored voice. "The order of mata nui! They are reorganizing. We need there assistance in getting the old hunters back together! Pridak also requests to speak with you." Said "Primal" in a angry voice".

Too be continued.

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