Basic Details Edit

This is a list of writers who do voices for each characters. Our goal is to keep characters consistant across our projects - for example, if Chrismajor2124 and LQ1998 each make a video featuring Vezon, they will each have to ask Starwars7495 to voice as Vezon. No substitutes allowed - we need to keep things consistent across the channel! Guest voicing is under the Possible Collaborations page, so check that out for more information.

Voice Requests: Edit

Chrismajor2124: It'd be really awesome if we could get voices for Tahu, Gali, Lewa, Onua, Pohatu, and Kopaka by the end of December. I'll do Onua and/or Lewa so I'll make sure to submit an audition for that.

Audition Requests: Edit

To submit an audition for a character, select one of the BIONICLE Comics featuring the character you want to audition for (go to BioSector01 to search characters and find whice comics they are in). Make sure you have a clean microphone (iee. limited static, keeping your face away at least eight incess from the mike, saved in .wav or .mp3 format) and access to the internet for uploading. Take that sound clip and make a video, preferably showing the comic panels you are quoting on the screen while you practice the voice in the sound file. Upload that video to YouTube under "Unlisted" and link that video below to submit your audition. A BCC member will get back to you.

For example, Chrismajor2124 wants to voice for Onua. He finds a comic with Onua in it, grabs his iPhone, and records himself quoting all of Onua's lines from the comic. He takes the sound clup and puts it in a video, showing the comic panels where he can and having the voice in the background. Then he uploads it to YouTube, unlisted, and posts the link below (along with his name and the character he is auditioning for)

Chrismajor2124: (Auditioning for Onua) (video link to come later. This is just an example)

Keplers: (Auditioning for Kopaka, to come later)

Malurus: (Auditioning for Judge Nuju, if you don't mind a non-live audition. :P)

YJF: (Auditioning for multiple characters)

TREV44: (auditioning for toa tahu, toa kopaka, toa onua, to be emailed to chris)

Actors and Voices Edit

Mini Lewa: LQ1998

Vezon: StarWars

The Answer: Leo

Toa Chris: Chrismajor2124

Kadihi the Konspiracy Theorist: Chrismajor2124

Iruini: Keplers

Toa Kopaka or Pohatu, if I can. Derpdroid

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