Wat is this?: a Comedy by Vezon of the Olmak

Chapter one:

Me: Hi

Tahu: Hi

Me: wussup?

Tahu: nothin', what do you wanna do?

Me: go somewhere random.

Tahu: lets do it

{we hop into the dementional portal that randomly and conveniently appeared on my desk and are whizzed of the the International Internet Browsers Convention, or the IIBC}

Chairman: what are we?

All: Browsers!

Chairman: and what do we want?

All: More speed!

Chairman: And when do we want it?

All: Now!

Internet Explorer: Browsers!

All: {glares at IE who sheepishly walks away}

Me: lets try the portal again...

{we jump into a dementional portal that randomly and conveniently on the chairman's face. O_O and find ourselves in Iron-Man's closet}

Me: hay {bangs on door} let me out!

Tony Stark: whatcha want? go away, meh program's on!

Tahu: I wanna get out! {bang} I wanna get out! {bang} I wanna get out! {bang} I wanna get out! {bang} I wanna get out! {bang}

Tony: fine! {opens door} who are you and what are you doing in my closet?

Tahu: I wanna get- oh, hello, my name is Tahu, I am the Toa of Fire!

me: and my name is Me.

Tony: hello Tahu, hello Me, you have no idea how weird that sounds!

me: no I don't, but Vezon took too long to say.

Tony: ...

me: gtg, bye! {runs and jumps through a dementional portal that randomly and conveniently appeared on Tony's Iron man suit, without Tahu!}

dun-Dun-DUN!!!! what will happen next? will Tahu survive the OPness of Iron-Man? will these dementional protals ever stop randomly and conveniently appearing in random places? Find out next time, on Wat is this?

Me: who are you?

the nameless text who randomly apears, this chapter is over now, so NO MORE TALKING!!! >:(

Me: ok.

Chapter 2:

{back in the Marvel Universe, in Iron-Man's sitting room}

Tahu: please don't hurt me, its not my fault you're more BOSS than me!

Tony: Relax, I'm not gonna-

???: Knock, Knock

Tony: Who's there?

???: Bec.

Tony: Bec, who?

???: Because I'm Bataman!

Tony: Oh, no. -_-

Batman: Oh, Yes! Bat-a-rang! {throws Bat-a-rang into Tony's heart}

Tony: Noooooooo! {dies}

Tahu: TONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!- wait, I hardly knew him. whatever. hey bat-man, do you have a dementional portal gadget on your belt?

Batman: I wouldn't be batman if I didn't and I'm batman, so....

Gasp! Chapter over. (epic)

Chapter 3 (we leave off tat the cliff-hanger forever to give you a new story! A.K.A: chapter titles rule!):

Me: Derp


Me what are you doing here?


Me: why?


Me: cuz?

Givez me Marshmallowz!

Me: what

Givez me Marshmallowz!

Me: no

Noooooooo..... {dies}

ME: I guess he's allergic to not eating marshmallows... oh well, I never liked him anyway. {sings "Let it Go"}

Kopaka: Really?

Me: what?

Kopaka: singing a song from a mock Master of Ice, instead of quoting my awesome lines?

Me: oops.

Kopaka: {freezes Me in ice and walking off}

Me: {blink, blink}

Kadihi the Konspiracy Theorist: wait, you cant blink when your frozen, there's something fishy here, now is when the screen blurs out and I rely on stupid clip-art to make my points. :D

Me: Oh boy....

{End of chapter!}

Chapter 4, Un-frozen:

Me: If someone doesn't let me out of this ice, I will personally stuff Kopaka down the throat of a Kuckoo Bird!!!

Kuckoo bird: Cherpity chirp chirpen (No you arn't!)

Me: sorry, meant no offence to the Kuckoo bird

Kuckoo bird: {sets Me free because it doesn't want some smelly Toa stuffed down it's thoat}

Me: {sings} I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kopaka: Freezes my mouth shut

Kuckoo Bird: Chirpety Cherp chirpers chirp (well, that escalated quickly....)

Batman: Because I'm Batman!!!

Me: not this again.....

{Gasp! the Thick Plottens! end of chapter}

Chapter 5, I'm to lazy to write a chapter title

Batman; I'm Batman, Die Kopaka!

Kopaka: Cool it!

Batman: {is jelly that Kopaka gets to be in the better universe like he was with Iron-man}

Kopaka: {wants Batman's belt}

Me: {Renames myself Vezon}

Fenrakk: {runs over}

Vezon: {rides fenrakk off into the sunset}

Brutaka: {Runs up} wanna help me free Mata Nui from sleep?

Vezon: Nope, last time I helped you I fought bugs, and lots other scary monsters, and that Makuta showed no gratitude whatsoever, and you never answered my questions, or the followups, so no.

Brutaka: {Is trying to make out what I said}

Vezon: {rides off into the sunset}

End of chapter!

Vezon: I thought you were dead, Nameless Text!

I'm immortal.

Vezon: oooooooh, boy..... O_O

Chapter 6, Vezon kicks.... foot?

La, la, la, la, la, la!

Vezon: would you shut up, please?


Vezon: Why not?


Vezon: Cus, what?

You didn't gives me marshamallowz, you let me die! {starts to cry}

Vezon: Grow up!

No! {sings anoyingly}

Vezon: {kicks nameless text in the foot}

NOOOOOOooooooooooo!!!...... {dies}

Gali: what... just... happened???

Vezon: nameless text is vulnerable at his feet, that's where his vital organs are.

Gali: {is scarred for life}

Vezon: {doesn't care}

Bionicle Fanatic: Hey, this is a comedy, its suposed to be funny!

Vezon: good point, what can we do to make it funny again?

BF: we must go on the quest of all quests, the Quest of Humor!!!

Vezon: is that really the best title you could come up with? :|

BF: yep!

{chapter ended.}

Chapter 7, the Quest of Humor!!!

BF: this way, we must cross the Mountain of Sorrow before we can find Humor!

Vezon: {sobs}

BF: stop crying {starts crying himself}

Vezon: {sobbing} stop it you sissy {sobs harder}

BF: {crying} I'm not crying, I'm sweating through my eyes! {sobs so hard that an avalanche decimates a small village}

Vezon: {sniff} you just killed a lot of people! {sobs so hard that the mountain next door crumbles to dust}

BF: Will these tears ever end!?! {boo hoo}

???: follow the tears, and you will find Humor again.

Vezon: Who said that?

how should I know?

Vezon: get out of here, nameless immortal text! {sobs}

{sobs to death}

Vezom: Yay! {boo hoo}

{end of chapter}

Chapter 8, The Valley of Woe:

BF: now we must travel through the Valley of Woe, the tears flow through there.

Vezon: how do you know?

BF: when the Toa Hordika were told to follow tears, it turned out to be a river, so I'm just asuming here.

Vezon: :|

BF: yep.

{they travel trough the gorge, but instead of sobbing, they feel heavy of heart, so heavy that they cannot walk or talk}

BF: mutters

Vezon: your suposed to actually mutter, not say mutter.

BF: {mutters}

Vezon: yawn

BF: your supposed to actually yawn, not say yawn

Vezon: {yawn} {goes to sleep}

BF: NOOOoooooo.... we.. {yawn} cant sleep.... we... can't... sleep...... {goes to sleep}

awe, sook at the mortals taking their nappy-poo. {cute face} {yawns} {goes to sleep}

???: evil laugh

Vezon: {mutters in sleep} actually evil laugh, don't say evil laugh.

???: {evil laugh}

BF: {mutters in sleep} That's... better....

{end of chapter 8}

Chapter 9 has to title:

???: mua-ah-ah! their sleeping, this is't the Vally of Woe, its a sleeping gass chamber! {evil laugh} {falls asleap}

Vezon: {wakes up} {falls back asleep}

BF: {wakes up} hey {yawn} wake up Vezon. {yaaaaaaawwwwnnn} wake.... up.... {goes back to sleep}

{wakes up} the Nameless Text lives!!!!! {flies away on convenient Broom stick}

Witch: hey, just what do you think your doing young man? bring back my broom this instant! {shakes cane}

sorry, I'll bring it back next decade

Witch; then how am I going to bring my gro-cer-ies home?

make a new broom?

Witch: no. {magic blast}

{gets hit in the foot} NOOOOOoooo... {dies}

Witch: {does a quadruple front flip, lands on the broom and rids off into the sunset, which doesn't make since seeing as the sun is rising, not setting. :S}

{end of chapter}

Chapter 10, rise of the randomness:

{once the sleeping gas clears away, our "heroes" awake to find themselves in Vezon's living room}

Vezon: what are we doign here? we must find humor again! {sniffles}

BF: but we did, our audience found our search amusing, not its back to random chapters that have nothing to do with each other!

And the return of the nameless text!

Everyone: {groans!!}

Vezon: who's everyone?

Everyone: me. :|

BF: um, nice to meet you, Everyone.

Everyone: thanks, you too! Weeeeee!!!!!!! {runs and jumps out the window, only to be bounce back by a convenient cottage-cheese container.}

Old lady who lives in a shoe: Hey, leave my cottage-cheese along young man, or I'll shake my stick at you! :|

Chapter 11, Derp:

Vezon: d-d-d-d-deeeeerrrp!

Vezok: what are you doing?

Vezon: being- oh look, a random slice of bread! {eats random slice of bread} mmmm, that was a yummy random slice of bread! :D

Vezok: o.....k...... {walks awkwardly off}

Vezon: it was nice talking to you too! :D {mutters} THAT was a close one!

Reidak: Hi Vezon!

Vezon: oh no....

{end of chapter}

Chapter 12:

Vezon: what happened tot he chapter titles? O_o

Mal: I ate them. :)

Vezon: you.... :P

Mal: me wut? :|


Mini Lewa: yis?

LQ: man the stations, we;re taking over the world, with sweetened condensed milk!

Mini Lewa: natures protein powder! :D {jumps on a random Spikit and rides off with a can of sweetened condensed milk}

Kadihi: oh great, now look what you've done! he'll be on about that for hours, plus that song!

Mini Lewa: there are no strings to hold me down....

LQ: O_o oops.

Vezon: what are all you guys doing here? this is MEH comedy! >:)

Mal: and? :|

Vezon: that means I control what happens. >:)

{dun-dun-DUN! end of chapter! :O }

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